Temperaturunterschied Außengerät NEU

The statistics were last updated Friday, 27 March 2015 at 8:15
`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)
Max  Temp1 DIV:  1462 Grad*100 Average  Temp1 DIV:  720 Grad*100 Current  Temp1 DIV:  1 Grad*100
Max  Temp2 OUT:  1700 Grad*100 Average  Temp2 OUT:  1605 Grad*100 Current  Temp2 OUT:  1613 Grad*100

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)
Max  Temp1 DIV:  1379 Grad*100 Average  Temp1 DIV:  753 Grad*100 Current  Temp1 DIV:  719 Grad*100
Max  Temp2 OUT:  1856 Grad*100 Average  Temp2 OUT:  1550 Grad*100 Current  Temp2 OUT:  1612 Grad*100

GREEN ### Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second
BLUE ### Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second

MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher
2.10.13 Tobias Oetiker <oetiker@ee.ethz.ch> and Dave Rand <dlr@bungi.com>